Now That We're Men

“Now That We’re Men is scarier than any horror movie I have ever seen, without showing us blood or violence. It’s both artful and free of artifice. If you’ve ever been a boy or a teenager or a human being, it should not only be seen and heard, but pondered.”
— Jonathan Marc Sherman, playwright
“Acutely observed, beautifully written, fearlessly honest, and remarkably entertaining. By approaching rape culture through the lens of young men, Katie Cappiello offers a fresh and necessary perspective on a difficult, complex issue.”
— Beau Willimon, creator of House of Cards
Now That We're Men Why

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"Developing this play felt necessary and urgent. If we want to effectively address issues like slut shaming, revenge porn, trolling, sexual harassment, sexual assault, homophobia, violence, binge drinking, group aggression— to name a few common, pernicious issues—we have to care about what it means to be young and male today."