The Howlings

For some of us, being an artist, an activist, a risk-taker and a storyteller is more than just a’s a howling. 

The Howlings is an NYC youth arts ensemble committed to changing the world through the creation and production of daring, accessible theater. The company exists as an acting laboratory, play incubator and activist community for emerging young artists who aspire to challenge the status quo, fight for equality and bring fresh theater from new voices to everyone. 

The Howlings was launched during Katie's summer residency at The Park Avenue Armory in NYC.

The Fusion of Arts and Activism

Theater is the most powerful tool for igniting social change. It brings communities together, face-to-face, to experience life from new perspectives. We are given the opportunity to journey into worlds we often don’t know or understand, and we’re moved to connect with the human beings just feet away– so close we could touch them– living and breathing right in front of us on the stage. 

At the theater, we are not lectured to, we are taken on a journey. We are not scolded, we are brought into the conversation. We are not solely entertained or applauded, we are treated to a catharsis.

This safe, creative outlet is perfectly suited for the energy, passion, complexity, intensity and hope of young people. It offers an uncensored platform for their voices to heard by peers and adults. The issues they care about can examined as a team, and through artistic exploration works of art are crafted, then shared and discussed. 

THE Objectives:

  • Train 
  • Develop
  • Perform
  • Call to action

THE Goals:

  • Hold a mirror up to nature.
  • Be a welcoming, close-knit community that creates art with/for communities.
  • Live in the arena!
  • Inspire people to think and question.

The Commitment:

Members meet once a week for two hours. Time commitment may increase as new projects arise. Members agree to a two-absence maximum policy. 


The Howlings is always accepting new members. Please contact Katie Cappiello & Charlotte Arnoux to learn more about interviews and auditions.