SLUT: The Play

By Katie Cappiello

Inspired by the experiences of NYC teens, SLUT follows the journey of Joey Del Marco, a 16-year-old girl who is sexually assaulted by three life-long friends during a Friday night out. Through Joey’s story and those of young people in her community, witness the impact of rape culture and the importance of being heard. SLUT was developed in collaboration with The Arts Effect All-Girl Theater Company under the direction of Katie Cappiello & Meg McInerney.

SLUT is currently touring nationally and has been produced worldwide reaching thousands. The work of Katie Cappiello and the teen cast members has been featured in The New Yorker, New York Times, Newsweek, Politico, Teen Vogue, Seventeen and more. The script is available for license and the touring production is available for bookings. 

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By Katie Cappiello

Andrew must be gay. Marcus knocked-up his girl. Nick's a little too addicted to fetish porn. Derek's falling in love with Kelsey. Evan downed a handful of pills and pushed a hook-up too far. In the weeks leading up to prom, the close friendships of a group of New York City high school students are put to the test. Hey, it's junior year. Time to "man up"—right?

Inspired by conversations with boys across the country, Now That We're Men exposes the reality that boys, alongside girls, are battling with rape culture and utter confusion about consent. Young men are struggling to live up to impossible standards of masculinity, just as they’re dealing the tumult of growing-up and coming into their sexual selves.

If we want to effectively address issues like slut-shaming, revenge porn, trolling, sexual harassment, sexual assault, homophobia, violence, binge drinking, group aggression–to name a few common, pernicious issues–we have to care about and talk about what it means to be young and male today.

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By Katie Cappiello

Deka, a 16-year-old New Yorker, is unknowingly scheduled to be cut during her summer vacation to her parents’ village in Somalia; Fatima, a 13-year-old Egyptian girl living in the UK, discovers she’s missing her clitoris while making anatomy flashcards for school, she soon learns 82% of girls in Egypt are “circumcised" illegally; Chloe, a 16 year old living in Minneapolis, fights to prevent her best friend, Almaz, from being during a planned Eritrean-community ceremony; and Lankenua, a 15-year-old Maasai girl living in Kenya, is one of the few uncut girls in her tribe and sees her mother’s activism as an act of bravery. 

Female Genital Mutilation affects over 200 millions girls and women worldwide. Her Story, Uncut brings to life the stories of those impacted by this practice, examines the cultural pressures and gender norms that fuel FGM, and shines light on the inspiring efforts of community leaders to eradicate cutting. Each character in this one-act play is inspired by the research and interviews conducted by Katie Cappiello and Equality Now. Her Story, Uncut was commissioned by Equality Now and debuted at The United Nations in January 2016 on Zero Tolerance Day. 

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By Katie Cappiello

A Day in the Life reveals the truth about sex trafficking and the impact of “pimp and ho” culture on lives of young people. Journey into lives of six teens whose paths have been forever changed by commercial sexual exploitation: Nadia attends her school’s annual "Pimp and Ho" party, Eve’s father is arrested for solicitation, Kaitlyn’s cousin has been on the streets for 4 years with no support from loved-ones, Rachel is targeted by pimps while trying to hide from domestic abuse plaguing her Upper West Side family, Desiree prepares to celebrate her Sweet 16 after finally escaping her trafficker, and Sonia is bounced from foster home to foster home as she fights keep her head above water.

These powerful stories, reflecting the real experiences of real girls, will give audiences an authentic look at the complex, often misunderstood reality of the sex trade in today's hyper-sexualized culture– and the ways we're all impacted.



By KatIe Cappiello

Six million girls ages 13-15 are on Facebook leaving countless adults to ponder what it would be like to come of age in the iGeneration.  facebook me is a shockingly real look into the lives of ten teen girls as they attempt to navigate the excitement and embarrassment, the shame and the success of their adolescence online…where status is so much more than an update. Private battles are fought in public as thousands witness, comment, take sides and ultimately determine a victor. A witty comment, a suggestive photograph, a scandal revealed– nothing is too sacred or too personal in the goal to garner “likes” and be liked. facebook me bravely reveals the secret lives of teens online. facebook me was developed in collaboration with The Arts Effect All-Girl Theater Company under the direction of Katie Cappiello & Meg McInerney.

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by Katie Cappiello

WINNER OF THE FRINGE MOST OUTSTANDING ENSEMBLE AWARD, takes viewers on an unexpected journey inside the world of the girls of Westbrook Middle School! The tricky and trying realities faced by our daughters, sisters, and friends are humorously examined through the eyes of Winnifred, a precocious 11-year-old (1⁄2 Ramona Quimby, 1⁄2 Juno MacGuff) armed with a video camera and a laptop. Determined to move the masses, Winnie creates her very own reality web-series called Winnifred's Words of Wisdom. With help from her classmates, The Westbrook Wildcat Dance Team, the music of Gwen Stefani, Fergie, and Soulja Boy, and inspired by her hope for a better world, Winnifred reveals life beyond Disney Channel and Juicy Couture and captures real stories about real girls! KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN was developed in collaboration with The Arts Effect All-Girl Theater Company under the direction of Katie Cappiello & Meg McInerney.